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Press comments 

           „It is thanks to the conductor Caspar Dechmann that the applaus is never ending because he has led the chorus as well as the ochestra with his subtle musicianship and his intuition to this powerful interpretation. In addition he has done the complete rehearsals with the singers - a tremendous achievement.“


Maria Zachariadis, Zürichsee-Zeitung, 9.9.2015, Ein Spektakel für Augen und Ohren

           „Caspar Dechmann leads the orchestra and the choir of the operetta company to a precise, powerful interpretation“


      -  Michelle Ziegler, NZZ, Sept. 10th 2014, „Zar und Zimmermann“ by Lortzing in   Hombrechtikon



           „ The surprisingly well playing orchestra under the dedicated lead of conductor Caspar Dechmann guaranties a steady flow of the performance. The chorus of the operetta company did a truly excellent job, every cue was perfect.“


John H. Müller, Merker, Oct. 11th 2015, Zar und Zimmermann –

to take up the cudgels for Lortzing

           „Conductor Caspar Dechmann leads the operetta company to a flight. He has the sensitivity to show the esprit of Fall’s finely characterized music. Choir and orchestra perform excellently.“      


      Alfred Zimmerlin, NZZ 18.9.2013, Sept. 18th 2013, Madame Pompadour, 

Operetta Company Hombrechtikon


         „With the necessary drive, tempo and flair Caspar Dechmann led the POC and the orchestra through a completely successful evening.“


NZZ, Dec. 30th 2011, Don Bucefalo by Antonio Cagnoni, Pocket Opera Company Zürich




Picture of Don Bucefalo by Thomas Entzeroth

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